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Welcome to!  MFP's unique Food Plot Search was created to help you be more successful when choosing a food plot blend from some of the industry's leading food plot companies like Whitetail Institute, Mossy Oak BioLogic, Tecomate and Frigid Forage.

Most people do not realize there is a lot more that goes into a successful food plot than digging around in some dirt, throwing down some seed and hoping for good weather. 

There are many variables you should be accounting for, such as pH, soil type, soil drainage, and available equipment. (Need help with the terminology? Check out our Food Plot Wiki!)

You will see a lot of questions like this on the web:

What do I plant in sandy or clay soils?  What if my soil has low pH?  What if I do not have equipment for tilling the ground?

MFP's Food Plot Search will let you select these variables, and it will narrow down the available options you have in food plot blends.

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Steps to be Successful


Initial Steps to Food Plot Success

  1. Pick your plot sites with your end goals in mind
  2. Do a soil test for each plot to determine the pH and soil deficiencies. (This will save you a lot of money in fertilizer and lime)
  3. Enter your variables into our Food Plot Search
  4. Review the manufacturer's guidelines for your area
  5. After purchasing the seed, follow the manufacturer's instructions

Need help with the terminology? 

Check out our Food Plot Wiki!

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